Theory Help

Help With Theory Test Given

1. What are some of the qualities that make a responsible driver?

a. Safety of yourself, passengers and all other road users, tolerance, planning well ahead.

b. Control, anticipation, confidence, reaction.

c. Determination to get there first – alive.

d. Patience and courtesy at all times.

2. The manual refers to getting the ”feel” of a pedal, to which pedal does this refer?

a. Brake.

b. Clutch.

c. Dual Controls.

d. Accelerator.

3. The brake pedal should be operated by the?

a. Ball of the right foot.

b. Ball of the left foot.

c. Toe of the left foot.

d. Toe of the right foot.

4. The clutch plates are held firmly together by?

a. The foot pressure.

b. The pedal return spring.

c. Spring pressure.

d. Engine and gearbox.

5. The “biting point”, “point of contact” or “take-up point” is when two plates come together. This action refers to the ?

a. Brake Shoes.

b. Clutch.

c. The road wheels turn.

d. High tension spark.

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